Transportation planning in the US

Are you in need of a team to manage your B2B or e-commerce shipments, either from France to the US or within the US? Skipper Transit has dedicated planning teams available to organize your transportation.

Whether you want to export your Made in France brand to the US market or develop your presence on American soil, we can set up relevant solutions for you and share our US expertise with you, concerning LTL, FTL, tracking solutions, retailers, dropshipping and more. Enough to guarantee your peace of mind!

A dedicated team in the US and France

Erica, our Office Manager Transport & Logistics based in Lawrenceville, coordinates the management of your transport from France to the US and the distribution of your products on the North American market. It is supported by our Transit teams at the Hub Campus to meet all of your needs, whether by air or sea (overseas), for domestic USA transport (ground LTL, FTL) or for messaging. express (Fedex, UPS, DHL)

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