Unlike anywhere

Never forget your roots, work as part of a team, feed off the camaraderie and collective energy, grow attached to faces and listen to hearts pound, think far ahead and without limitations, reinvent yourself continuously while staying true to yourself, have fun, grow, live.​

A company that’s a great place to work

For the second year in a row, Skipper earned Great Place to Work Certification and even entered the Top 30 Best Workplaces France this year! Hiding behind the pallets is the fierce desire to foster our Skippers’ sense of fulfillment, both individually and collectively. Our staff can be proud to sport the uniform, what with our carefully crafter induction programs, our accessible managerial teams, innovative training, guidance on internal promotions, popular events (Skipper Act, Skipper Camp, etc.), and so much more!

The shared

What drives us is the goal of giving everyone the chance to participate in a shared adventure and experience the “Be Skipper” life together. Whether we are doing a client integration, when all hands are on deck, or enjoying an unforgettable weekend in Corsica celebrating the end of “Odyssey,” our strategic plan, we have a knack for carrying all of our Skippers away on fantastic, epic sagas.

Imagination without limitation

There are no limits on imagination at Skipper, whether we are picturing a campus on the property in Le Pouzin and moving in nine months later, or inventing slow logistics to breathe new life into the field! We like to stray from the beaten path, giving us the chance to give shape to a more ingenious, inventive and collective form of logistics.