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Driven by our adventurous spirit, we dropped anchor in Atlanta in 2015 (yeah!). There, we offer our assistance to outstanding French brands that are looking to broaden their horizons…

Logistics and transportation in the US

Your business
in the States…

Since 2016, of our logistics platform, which is ideally located in Lawrenceville and spans nearly 120,000 sq.ft., has been helping some 30 French expand in the US. It offers optimal multi-channel options (for B2B, e-commerce, distributors and retailers), is comprehensive (logistics and transportation planning) and is even a turnkey solution, for your complete peace of mind! Your inventory is stored on site, and our team is very familiar with American culture, retailer requirements, dropshipping and handling customer returns. Our goal is to help you establish your business and smoothly grow it in the US.​

« Our service and personalization really make us stand out from the rest on the US market. Although doing logistics in France or the United States is more or less the same for us, for our clients, it changes everything to be able to work with French people! I see us more as our clients’ logistics department than their service provider. We are part of their team, and they are part of ours. Can the same be said of a distribution center? »
Lawrenceville Site Manager​

Logistics partner in the US

… the next best thing
to being there!

Are you itching to get into the States but are afraid of getting lost in translation? Was your first experience sub-par? Don’t panic! Our French team will be by your side to guide you, from getting shelf space for your products (with a trip, to boot!) to precise tracking of your orders and shipments. In addition to our ongoing support, our Baliseo tool will give you a real-time view of your inventory and let you steer your performance in the right direction. Our Beams will even give you the chance to tour the warehouse, almost like you were here in person. Amaaaazing! ​

« Some of our clients tried their hand at US logistics, found it very process-heavy, rigid and impersonal, and came back to us. Others were attracted by the country’s potential but were unfamiliar with the market, so they chose us for our tailored support. When you work with Skipper, you know you won’t get lost in a warehouse, surrounded by thousands of pallets, and that there will always be someone on the other end of the phone to meet your needs. »
US Sales Representative

The best of both worlds

The right mix

US logistics hub & platform

Atlanta vibes

Our Lawrenceville platform is right outside Atlanta and is recognized as a top logistics hub in the middle of the New York–Miami–Dallas triangle. This strategic location boosts your flexibility and responsiveness, in terms of both your transportation planning and your logistics. At the same time, you have a partner on a human scale that knows how to take the pulse of the US…

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Logistics made in France

French touch

Our clients appreciate our “French touch,” and we are proud to help them export their “Made in France” expertise across the pond. Whether your business focuses on cosmetics, French lifestyle goods (entertaining, furniture, leisure, etc.), living heritage or cutting-edge technology, we will do everything in our power so you can fly your brand’s flag in the land of Uncle Sam.

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« After trying out American logisticians and another French logistician operating on US soil, I know that I have found a reliable, transparent, high-quality partner in Skipper and can count on them with complete confidence. »
Revol Porcelaine
« As soon as you set foot inside the warehouse, you can feel the energy, the attention to detail and the right tools. They also took the time to see how we operate. They took risks with us, and it paid off. »
« We found Skipper to be a logistician that managed to export its experience with personalization to the US. In addition, their ability to adapt to our requests and their quest for continuous improvement give us the chance to plan for the future and grow our business. »
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