of a different kind!

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An attentivelogistician thatprioritizespeople and thinksabout the future.

Outsourced logistics and transportation planning

Taking care with your logistics

A family company shaped by more than 300 personalities, we offer smart, personal and robust solutions to outsource your logistics and transportation planning. You pay special attention when developing your products. So, let us take care of every detail of your logistics, whether you work in the world of cosmetics, organic goods, industry or others, in B2B or B2C, in France, the US or somewhere else!

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Slow logistics: responsible and personal

Inventing the
logistics of tomorrow

Skipper invented the concept of slow logistics. Over and above advances in the technologies and data that we love, the logistics of the future will focus on common sense, will be much more minimalist (less but better) and inventive, and will create real human bonds. In a word, the logistics of tomorrow will be slow.

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US logistics: getting
established in the States

French logistics for French companies

Inspired by Christopher Columbus and Joe Dassin, we decided to set out to conquer the West in 2015. Today, our logistics platform, strategically located in Atlanta, serves more than 30 outstanding French brands and French-speaking brands (we ❤️ our Canadian clients!). We are proud to help them develop and grow. Need a long-term partner for your logistics and transportation in the US? Skipper Logistics is here!​

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A Great Place To Work
with real team spirit

A shared adventure

For us, logistics is like an adventure, one that we share with our clients, our partners and our in-house teams. And if our Skippers are happy, we have to believe our clients must be happy, too! We encourage internal mobility and offer innovative training plans, exciting strategic plans, timeless events, and the list goes on. Skippers are the very heart and soul of our company’s mission. As a matter of fact, we have been ranked one of the top 30 workplaces*. So, how about you? Want to join our adventure?
* Great Place To Work Certification / Best Workplaces 2021

More about the “Be Skipper” life
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La belle Gaby, héroïne du Skipper Mag#3

the magazine!

The magazine where Skippers are the heroes!
Are you addicted to Skipper Mag? For this third edition, Skipper cranked it up a notch, creating a magazine that plays with retro gaming. Enjoy the experiences of the future in a slightly old-school atmosphere…

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Elodie, préparatrice de commandes et fière d'être Skipper
« I did my grocery shopping in my Skipper uniform. That’s proof enough that I’m proud of my company, wouldn’t you say? »
Order Picker
Un super-héros fan de Skipper
« They always have ideas that are like something from outer space: building a campus in Le Pouzin, inventing slow logistics, collecting Skipninis, and let’s not forget about Huby, my friend for life ❤. »
A Skipper fan since forever
Grégory, l'innovation logistique en action
« Very few companies are willing and able to invest so much time and money in creating their own prototypes at an in-house lab. This offers incredible adventures that are shared with the team here, as well as with our clients. »
Innovation & Continuous Improvement Leader
Nathalie, orgnaistrice de transport à l'international
« I’ve been with Skipper for 15 years now, and I love it. It’s important that everyone here feels as comfortable as I do. We do some really unique things, like our campus, our magazine, our weekend in Corsica, and the management style here. We’re really very lucky. »
Overseas Operations Manager
Olivier, président de Révol Porcelaine, entreprise Made in France
« As a company, Skipper is unconventional, bold, determined and hard-working, just like its leader. They are always ready to roll up their shirt sleeves for me, so we can meet our challenges together. »
CEO of Revol Porcelaine