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What we do
Our core purpose is to make logistics a shared adventure and to fuel your growth in the long term. We have the capacity to handle everything from the micro to the mega, volume and value, standard and personalized, B2B and e-commerce, from very local to international, and the list goes on.

Outsourced logistics, precision logistics & e-commerce logistics

Get wrapped up in our solutions

Our 10 logistics platforms, strategically located in the heart of our home region (Drôme-Ardèche) but also in Ile-de France and the US (Atlanta), serve outstanding that are recognized on their B2B and B2C markets, in spaces totaling almost 1.3 million sq.ft. ​

Between shipping and receiving, storage, order picking by the unit, the package or the pallet, an e-store workshop, inventory management, EDI, order and performance tracking, our logistics and digital teams pay special attention to your entire logistics chain and work with you to set up solutions.

« Outsourcing logistics required mutual trust. Our teams in the field work with you to recommend personalized logistics solutions. Our Baliseo app also lets you track your inventory in real time, so you feel right at home with us. »
Sales Director​

Transportation planning team with express, last-mile, chartered & overseas shipping

Solutions that transport you

From small e-commerce packages to entire shipping containers, by rail, road or air, by cargo bike, barge or plane, in France or abroad, for urban e-store deliveries or upstream shipments of your materials, and more, our teams dedicated to planning your transportation offer adjustable, scalable solutions that will take you far.

Our messaging, chartering and overseas teams (who love their baked goods) are there to advise you and handle the organization of all of your transportation. You should also adopt our powerful, intuitive digital solutions to prepare, track and analyze your shipments.

« We have established strong, lasting partnerships with many partners and are always exploring new horizons, particularly so we can offer you alternative, low-carbon transportation solutions. »
Transportation Operations Director​

Inventing the logistics of tomorrow

The right mix

Software for order tracking and data analysis

Tech Addict

Along with adventure, innovation is in our DNA and is one of the driving forces that motivate us.
For proof, look no further than Baliseo, our flagship(ping) app, adopted and beloved by our clients, who use it to track their orders, manage their performance or… savor our clear taste for data analysis. Yum!

More tech

Slow logistics, responsibly managed on a human scale

Slow Logistics

At a time when e-commerce is exploding, we are rethinking the logistics chain, to inject it with a dollop of common sense, from the sourcing of consumables to delivery methods. And we do all of this, as always, with a focus on people. In inventing slow logistics, we are naturally extending our clients’ engagement. ​

More slow logistics Un label Slow Logistique créé par Skipper pour une logistique plus humaine, inventive et responsable !

Key figures

  • 480,000 orders handled every year by our teams
  • 150,000 EDI files exchanged monthly with our clients’ ERPs
  • 17,500 transportation projects handled every year by the charter team
  • 3,000 customs files managed in one year by the overseas team