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Skipper helps companies with strong personalities smoothly develop their growth, in B2B or B2C: smoothing out logistics for your fabulous, engaged cosmetic brands, supporting the development of your e-commerce store, propelling your French expertise onto US and other markets, extending engagement with your organic products, managing transportation for your cutting-edge industry, and the list goes on.

Ethical logistics
for cosmetic brands

We love

We’re not trying to butter you up, but here at Skipper, we have a weakness for taking care of logistics for wonderful cosmetic brands. From organic packing materials to tissue paper, our order pickers take the greatest possible care with each and every detail, to guarantee your customers have the best possible experience. We have all the key ingredients to help your brand shine even more, between management of your upstream logistics, an e-commerce personalization workshop, responsible urban deliveries with slow logistics, a team in the field to handle your business ramping up, and the list goes on. ​

« Setting up our Skipper Slow Logistics x L’Occitane double-decker semis allowed us to reduce transportation between our production plant and Skipper’s logistics platform. And less transportation means less CO2! »
Richard Vinardi
VP - Industrial Activities
Atelier e-shop et logistique de précision pour marque cosmétique
L’Occitane They’re talking about us…

French logistics in the US, exporting brands to the States

USA, here we

Have you developed unique Made in France expertise – French lifestyle, cosmetics, fine foods, organic goods, high-tech innovations, etc. – and are convinced that your brand could really take off across the pond? In that case, our logistics platform in Atlanta is a perfect match. With our “French logistics for French companies,” we can help you establish your business in the US, worry-free, just as we’ve done for more than 30 dazzling brands. High five!​

« As soon as you set foot inside the warehouse, you can feel the energy, the attention to detail and the right tools. They also took the time to see how we operate. They took risks with us, and it paid off. »
Benjamin Ricard
Operation Manager
Skipper aide les entreprises à s'implanter aux US grâce à sa plateforme logistique et son hub transport d'Atlanta (USA)
Flexpipe They’re talking about us…

Precision logistics and transportation for industry

Industry is smiling on you

If, like our longstanding client Spit (❤👩🏻‍🔧), you have made it into the world of cutting-edge industry, you are probably looking for a reliable partner to outsource your logistics or optimize your transportation planning. From simple overflow storage to precision logistics requiring dedicated resources and expertise, both in France and abroad, you will enjoy the support of teams who are focused on innovation and are always at the ready.

« Spit and Skipper have a long history! We have been working together for decades now. Over the years, we have forged a solid relationship with them. Interactions with them are more than just business… »
Jean-Claude Pichon
Logistics Manager, Continental Europe
Un prestataire logistique pour le secteur de l'indutrie
Spit They’re talking about us…

Support for your growth

Your online store
is expanding​

From personalized workshops to custom shipping, we will be by your side as you develop your markets.

  • Personalized packages arranged with care
  • EDI + performance monitoring and tracking software
  • Any transportation: overseas, urban logistics, last mile, etc.
  • Slow logistics

Your B2B market
is blossoming

From integration to peak loads and from charters to last-mile deliveries, the Skipper team is here for you.

  • Innovation & Continuous Improvement Team​
  • Dedicated point of contact​
  • Shipping management dashboard
  • Transportation planning team

They’re here for you!

Alexandre, directeur administratif et financier
« It all adds up. »
Director of Administration & Finance
Elodie, responsable messagerie, organisation de transport pour e-shop ou BtoB
« Right this way, little packages! »
Express Manager
Fanny, pro du 5S et de l'amélioration continue
« To infinity and beyond! »
Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Françoise, responsable service client sur notre plateforme de Bretigny
« Catering to our clients »
Customer Service Manager
Jérôme, chef de projet logistique France et US
« Impeccable pallets »
Logistics Project Manager
Nicolas, responsable de la transformation digitale : la data au service de votre business
« Go data! »
Digital Transformation Director
Samuel, un assistant développement humain qui prend soin des
« I want you on my team! »
Human Development Assistant
Coline, chef de projet organisation de transport
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