« We have achieved the incredible result of delivering our clients’ goods in just three weeks! »

Slow logistics, inventive and responsibly managed on a human scale
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Skipper, the inventor of slow logistics​

Slow logistics is like an amazing playground, or a breath of fresh air, that invites you to imagine, rethink, innovate and make it happen. We support engaged brands that spend all of their energy creating responsible products. Our role is to enable them to extend their engagement by offering them logistics that is more minimalist (less but better), more creative and more personal. It is a source of continuous improvement, where we are all learning the ropes (apprentice-ships!).​

No problems, only slowlutions

Slow logistics is logistics… of a different kind! Slow logistics means rethinking the entire logistics chain, from a more responsible perspective, with the whole system centered around people and the environment. Slow logistics is an invitation to stop thinking about logistics from a mostly short-term view and adopt a method of action and relationships stretched out over a longer period of time. For a service with the stamp of slow logistics, you need:

Slow stamp
An eco-sourced packaging supply chain​
Recyclable or even compostable consumables, returnable packaging solutions, etc.​
Fewer, bigger and slower logistics flows
Grouping of orders for a single client or multiple clients
Alternative, low-carbon transportation
Last-mile delivery by cargo bike, transportation pooling solutions, deliveries to neighbors, etc.
Happy teams
Where everyone can blossom and grow at a great place to work