Logistics like at home

Don’t change anything, just let you drive
The Frenchy Logistics at Uncle Sam’s land

If you wish to conquer the West in order to seek growth drivers on a mass market, the SKIPPER Logistics offer is made for you.

With expertise in logistics platform management and transport organization for over 40 years on the French and European market, SKIPPER Group now exports its offer to the US.

SKIPPER Logistics is for you the ability to access a range of logistic & transport solutions, to successfully drive your sales on the American territory, through:

  • A French management for easy operation without any cultural barriers
  • American teams with high experience in the local environment to make you enjoy qualitative feedbacks
  • Proven organization close to your usual standards

A tailored response to your supply chain issues, with close proximity to all of your partners, whether customers, suppliers or carriers.

A liberated organization

SKIPPER Logistics offers an alternative business model compared to the traditional network of wholesalers, which, beyond the intuitive appeal of a global offering, sometimes presents the following weaknesses:

  • Lack of discernment and cost-optimization
  • Immersion of your sales in a multi-brand model that dilutes your impact on the market
  • Provision of standardized logistic methods without taking into account your specific requirements
  • Loss of contact with your end customers

Our offer allows you to access an independent and dedicated logistics, taking in charge all of your customers orders, from preparation, personalized packaging, to the consistent delivery, through our transport partner network.

Beyond a liberated organization, this solution will help you to feed your commercial speech in front of your American customers, sensitive to your ability to implant in the country and to your close relation to their market.

A first-class location

Don’t search anymore! It’s here!
Atlanta, the logistics place to be

To drive your projects to success, SKIPPER Logistics has chosen to set up in Georgia, Lawrenceville, northeast of Atlanta.

Historical basis of many success-stories, thriving agglomeration with ongoing and sustained growth, Atlanta is also one of the leading US logistics nodes, benefiting from:

  • The biggest airport in the world for facilitated access and connections
  • Its proximity to the Port of Savannah, for your maritime shipments
  • A privileged access to the main largest US carrier hub
  • A logistics real estate representing more than 5.5 million m²
  • A high-qualified logistics job pool

Your products will be in safe hands, in the right place!


Set in the Lawrenceville logistics park, SKIPPER Logistics offers a 11000m² platform, delivering the following services:

  • 27 docks
  • Rack plant, for a huge pallet capacity
  • Preparation conveyor with weight control equipment
  • Sprinkler and mobile extinguishing tools
  • Order preparation system under barcode and radio control
  • Temperate atmosphere possible

And even on the other side of the Atlantic, this platform is in line with our organizational standards, where our Lean Manufacturing and 5 S’s workshops will allow you to embed a clear, readable and optimized organization.

A tailor-made logistics

Now it’s time for high fashion!
Your turnkey logistics solution

Our integrated logistics solutions and multiple services provide your organization with the flexibility that will foster a perfect mastery of your supply chain.

Our specificity: the ‘precision logistics’, with sequenced order operations and processes, in a country where logistics is often culturally massified.

SKIPPER Logistics cultivates the ‘custom-made’ and leaves you free to select the most relevant offer according to your needs:

  • Storage
  • Small items management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Order preparation
  • Custom packaging
  • Real-time traceability
  • Quality control
  • Transport organization

Optimized logistics, synchronized logistics, shared logistics, steered logistics, we are ready! What about you?

Over 40 years of expertise

With a perennial outsourcing model and recognized experience to face the requirements of the French and European market, SKIPPER Logistics puts its logistics know-how at your disposal directly in the US market.

Only the scenery is different. No barriers on the horizon, only pallets and cartons, organized according to proven methods and processes that forged our expertise in outsourced logistics and transport organization.

Of course, in a more comprehensive and simplified approach of business, this expertise is also available on the French territory and in Europe, where we will support all your growth projects.

Discover all our logistics solutions: Tailor-made

A 9000km visibility

No need for binoculars
Uninterrupted information

Beyond managing your physical good flows, SKIPPER Logistics also manages all your information flow, as an essential component of our ability to support your activity.

Equipped with advanced technology, your logistics platform facilitates a synchronized and organized management of your information, regardless of your own system.

Even far from thousands of kilometres, SKIPPER Logistics allows you to manage your business in real-time with total transparency. We provide you with informatics tools, measurement indicators and traceability:

  • Complete and real-time traceability
  • Automated logistics and transport feedback
  • Dynamic dashboard

In a nutshell, even on the other side of the globe, you will be like at home, with a complete visibility on each event related to your business and order flows.

Baliseo, your eyes into the warehouse

With, your logistic and transport flow monitoring tool, you can now follow your business activity in real time, from anywhere.

A full-web application library allowing you to:

  • Closely track all of your orders from its reception on platform until its delivery to your end-customers
  • Get rid of your incoming calls by setting automatic real-time alerts, to be notified of the occurrence of a logistics or transport event.
  • Get rid of a repetitive and tedious document research: delivery notes, packing list, master packing list, etc…Now your documents come to you.
  • Drive and control your business activity using specific reports and indicators which gather, organize and you deliver ready-to-use statistics

More than a real-time and remote management, it is complete solution for sharing your information with all your supply chain stakeholders.