The highest mount !

This 5th and final level of the SKIPPER TRANSIT offer crowns your transport outsourcing strategy with a range of exclusive services, dedicated to your own business.

Your processes are automated and shared : add now a program of short-intervals reviews, a dedicated steering committee, tailor-made production of performance indicators and continuous improvement projects, to get a fully steered transport chain.

Via short-intervals reviews and the steering committees, SKIPPER TRANSIT offers you reliable and permanent data sharing system and key business indicators related to all of your national and international transport flows.

As good conductors and privileged interlocutors, our project managers will accompany you throughout the duration of the contract and implement specific action plans and improvements.

Ability to comply to your specific IT needs, on-demand and tailor-made developments (customized documents, transport labels, interfaces), cost control with maximum flexibility, all arguments deployed by SKIPPER TRANSIT to take you as close as possible to your concerns and objectives.

The SKIPPER TRANSIT EVOLUTION 5 has opened the gateway to the era of ‘steering without steering wheel’ and sharing information.

Welcome aboard !

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