The more we know, the more we grow !

At SKIPPER TRANSIT, we are convinced that what is measurable is fit for improvement. From the beginning of our adventure, we have developed innovative tools for tracking and measuring your transport performances.

Have your operational teams equiped with BALISEO.COM, our ready-to-use logistics and transport web tool, and give them access to a great applications library, dedicated to your daily flow management.

You now have the power to communicate and disseminate the performances of your activities to everyone : share your data with your carriers and logisticians, share it with any of your colleagues and interlocutors.

You will be able, from a single screen, to track all your orders and shipments in real time. Optimize your resources by generating your own automatic alerts on your VIP customers : shipping compliance, delivery history, packing data…your information automatically come to you. Now you can have your own customers benefiting from a hight-quality service.

Even more ?

Make your data come alive with the Baliseo reporting systems, a detailed statistics production for measuring the major trends in your most sensitive business activities.

The EVOLUTION 4 plays the data mastery and data communication cards in your global transport chain.

Our Transport Solutions